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PharmaFulcri Paper

“Paper” is an independent management system for paper communication and the management of price tags in pharmacy

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PharmaFulcri Video

Video communication offering impact in just a few minutes from any PC connected to the internet. Offers, news, events, videos and everything you wish to show your customers

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PharmaFulcri Newsletter

A newsletter with offers and events to establish a relationship with clients even if they are not in the Pharmacy

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PharmaFulcri Website

An essential, efficient and receptive website. You can update with one click, placing your Pharmacy online. Includes the product newsletter

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PharmaFulcri Social

“Social” is a new Fulcri solution allowing you to create and plan Facebook posts about your Pharmacy quickly and easily

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About Us

Fulcri develops web environment software that is dedicated to the world of electronic communication and commerce for Pharmacies. Our mission is to make powerful, simple and intuitive tools for pharmacists and their needs

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What is PharmaFulcri?

PharmaFulcri is a web application for the management of 360-degree Pharmacy communication, within the business itself and online. A unique tool for producing tags, stoppers, posters, flyers, video communication, news bulletins and website.


Manage similar content for various Pharmacies and manage each of them differently. The Grupos PharmaFulcri platform allows you to choose how you manage group member communication

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