PharmaFulcri Paper

Posters, flyers, stoppers and price tags.

Shelves, exhibits and silent view windows?

Make your pharmacy do the talking

“Paper” is an independent management system for printed communication and the management of price tags in pharmacy.


Ready immediately

“When you need it” and “whatever you need” ready in a few minutes to print directly with your printer.


Models for all tastes

Choose the most adequate model to exhibit your Pharmacy. Send a flyer with offers and proposals directly to the client’s basket.



Create posters, flyers, stoppers and tags wherever you are; you just need an internet connection. You do not need any knowledge of graphics or IT.

Why choose PharmaFulcri Paper?

If an exhibition does not provide maximum communication with the client it can be inefficient. Communicating in Pharmacy can improve your client’s buyer experience and access in order to make purchases, both anticipated and impulse buys.

  • A flyer sent to the client brings the Pharmacy to their home.
  • The price tag is the bridge between the product and the client
  • Stoppers with offers and news create “access points” to browse the shelf
  • Communication in the main focal spots increases the volume of impulse sales